UK consumers will pay for Huawei restrictions

UK consumers will pay for Huawei restrictions

The UK backflip to place further restrictions on Huawei would simply end up costing British consumers and businesses that needed world class 5G as soon as possible, the chief technology officer for Huawei’s global carrier business, Paul Scanlan said in a Huawei Australia Let’s Talk webinar,

“It’s terribly unfortunate. We’ve been in the UK for twenty years and putting together their broadband for a very long time and they’ve trusted us,” Mr Scanlan said.

“If you do things very differently from the way the west does it, well I guess you fear what you don’t know.”

The UK Government confirmed the change in policy will cost British taxpayers and consumers £2 billion and delay the 5G rollout by two years – with some analysts saying the 5G rollout could be delayed by far longer.

Mr Scanlan denied Huawei had an issue with trust.

“The company has a problem with what’s reported in the news that’s based on allegations that have no foundation. That’s the problem we have. If the media, instead of saying ‘we hear’, we hear, we hear’ there’s a security issue and there is no foundation for it and there is no independent audits – just remember there’s only three countries that have banned Huawei,” he said.

“In fact, if you look at every single operator in the world – barring a couple and excluding the US, UK and Australia – every other company purchases Huawei products to a significant extent.

“Even in the UK, just do a survey, which operators purchased Huawei’s 5G? All of them”

Like Australia, Huawei will continue to supply 3G and 4G networking equipment to the UK operators.

“Have you ever asked the question why are we still allowed in 4G? The 3GPP standards have closed the problematic parts of 4G with respect to security. 5G is far more secure than 4G. Far more secure,” Mr Scanlan said.

Mr Scanlan said the idea that a network was safer with the removal of one vendor was nonsense.

“Do you think a country is going to say we are safer because we don’t have one vendor in one part of the network when we’ve got hundreds of vendors everywhere else and almost none of them are audited or go through the same scrutiny as Huawei,” he said

“It’s quite clear 5G is not hackable and your personal data information is secure through 5G.”

Mr Scanlan said telco customers liked Huawei because the company puts them first and we solved their problems.

“Our trouble is that Huawei is a great R&D company and we focus just on customers. We talk to the technical people in telecom companies. That’s what we’ve done for thirty years and we didn’t know we had to do these sorts of things – engage media, lobbying politicians, do this, do that,” he said.

“If you spend 16-18% of you total revenue on R&D and IP and you sit on 180 standards bodies around the world and the only way you get to be a senior member or Chairman of those is because industry recognition by your peers.

“You don’t get 80-85,000 patents by stealing despite what everyone said in the media. Whilst we have this sort of rhetoric going on around the world it’s going to be terribly difficult to separate what’s real and what’s not real.”

Mr Scanlan said Huawei’s 5G kit would continue to serve British consumers for another seven years and the company would continue to do more business through to the end of the year in the UK.

Mr Scanlan bemoaned the aggressive and destructive positioning by the United States.

“The world has changed since the US has taken this stance,” he said.

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