Solving problems: It’s what we do

Solving problems: It’s what we do

This year Huawei will spend some $20 billion on research and development – making us one of the largest R&D investors in the entire global technology business.

We are very excited about what that R&D will bring us in the future but here at Huawei Australia nothing – absolutely nothing – excites us more than solving problems for our customers, it is what has driven our history as a company.

That’s why we are so excited about the launch of our new Huawei Raiders ICT platform because it solves a real world problem being experienced by our customer – and not just any customer but out very special and loyal friends at the Canberra Raiders.

Huawei Australia and the Canberra Raiders have been together for a decade now, we have been there for them through some tough times and they have been there for us too when the chips have been down, that’s what great partnerships are all about.

So, when it came to solving a problem for the Canberra Raiders we were only too happy to help.

At the Raiders old training complex in Bruce you could feel the history of the club around you, it was a lovely warm and friendly place that was just fine in the 80s and 90s but it was not suitable for a professional sporting organization.

That’s why the club worked so hard to make the new $20 million Huawei Raiders Training Centre at Braddon happen, they knew it had to be done if they wanted to compete with some of their powerhouse rivals in the NRL.

However, the Raiders knew that they could not just go back to the old ways of doing things, they needed a set-up at their new HQ that would take them to next level, something that would give them an edge over their NRL rivals – connectivity.

Now, for anyone out there who has trouble getting a good Wi-Fi signal in their garden you will understand the challenge facing the Raiders when it came to actually delivering high-speed wireless connectivity right across a huge training complex, it’s certainly not easy!

Delivering outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity is a real challenge, you have to supply mains-power to your equipment and factor in all sorts of complications such as how hot, cold or wet weather is going to impact your technology as it sits out in the field all day, every day.

Fortunately, Huawei has years of experience in delivering this kind of connectivity, including at the world-famous Wembley Stadium in London, so we know exactly how to deliver what our customer needs even in these challenging environments.

Working with our partners Kinetix, our technology has solved the Raiders connectivity problem and the Raiders coaching staff, players and admin staff can get high-speed wireless connectivity anywhere on the whole complex.

That means that the admin staff can work more efficiently but, even more excitingly, the training staff and players can really take training to the next level by transferring data from the field to the data-room and also streaming multiple HD video streams to training staff and players to analyze certain plays.

Rugby League is a game that is based on many different factors but one of the most critical is communication both on the field and off it and with the kind of connectivity that our Huawei technology has enabled that will never again be a problem for our mighty Canberra Raiders!

Theodore Shao is Head of Enterprise at Huawei Australia

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