Putting the customer first in digital transformation

With the rise of a digitally-native generation seeking new engaging and immediate experiences, digital transformation is a priority for most enterprises.

Huawei is using its broad experience to speed digital transformation across various sectors, using ICT to improve agility and innovation.

Introducing R.O.A.D.S
Customers are increasingly demanding a connected, engaging and immediate experience, and enterprises are scrambling to overhaul themselves to meet this challenge. Meeting these new expectations requires digital capabilities which, until a few years ago were unimaginable to achieve.

These demands, coming most vocally from the young generation of digital natives, include products and services that are:

  • Real-time;
  • On demand;
  • All online;
  • DIY; and
  • Social.

Investment in digital transformation will account for more than half of enterprise spending on information and communications technology (ICT) by next year, predicts International Data Corp, and that will rise to 60 per cent by 2020.

As a global ICT solutions provider, Huawei, is using its broad experience to help speed the digital transformation. Huawei is working across diverse sectors including transportation, smart grid, smart city, Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturing and banking, not to mention cloud and wireless applications for nearly every kind of company.

Challenges of digital transformation
The biggest challenges of digital transformation are developing new business models and strategies to increase connectivity and engagement, and implementing a digital strategy across the organisation.

Video, mobile and cloud are among the ways to deliver on the ROADS criteria, but security is also always at the forefront. Huawei predicts the video market will grow to $100 billion, while the enterprise cloud market will hit $1 trillion, and IoT connections multiply 10-fold.

Examples of ICT enabling digital transformation

  • Intelligent Cities: Intelligent operations centres, smart administration, city IoT and public safety.
  • Digitised Banks: Long-distance video banking, financial clouds, private clouds for banks. As an example, Huawei linked up with Infosys Finacle to create a new financial cloud solution for mission critical processes for clients.
  • Smart Grid: Power IoT, intelligent photovoltaic systems, scheduling cloud platforms, power transmission and communications.
  • Omnimedia: Huawei provided an end-to-end integrated media cloud solution, including servers and other hardware plus cloud platforms and desktop software, to French television channel TF1, to deliver smooth and convenient program production and broadcasting.
  • Smart Transportation: Smart civil aviation and connected railways.
  • Smart Manufacturing: Agile design, intelligent factories and vehicle networking. As an example, Huawei’s Virtual Performance Solution, developed with ESI, allows industrial original equipment manufacturers to virtually test product performance with high precision. Huawei partnered with KUKA, a global robotics leader, to develop smart manufacturing and industrial solutions to revolutionize factories and create new opportunities for customers.

To strengthen digital transformation, Huawei has chosen open models for ICT infrastructure, because they are resilient, self-healing and scalable. In fact, Huawei’s mantra is “Open, Simple and Secure” as the best way toward innovation and agility as enterprises undergo their digital transformation.

Note, this article was originally produced in partnership with and published on The Wall Street Journal.

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