Huawei unveils new Huawei Raiders Centre video

Huawei unveils new Huawei Raiders Centre video

The world-class Huawei Raiders Training Centre was officially opened back on March 6th – just days before Australia went into its Coronavirus lockdown.

Health restrictions have kept the Huawei Raiders Training Centre strictly off-limits to the general public ever since with access tightly restricted to Raiders players and staff in the official National Rugby League ‘bubble.’

That’s why Huawei is delighted to launch our official Huawei Raiders Training Centre video today to not only give Raiders fans another chance to see behind the scenes at their club’s new HQ but to also show the new ICT kit that Huawei has supplied to the centre, installed by our partner Kinetix.

The new Huawei Raiders ICT platform will help the Raiders take their business and playing operations to the next level with the platform delivering ultra-fast Wi-Fi connectivity across the entire office complex and training ground area.

Covering the entire Huawei Raiders Training Centre with high-speed wireless connectivity will enable Raiders coaching staff to deliver data-driven training schedules to the Raiders playing group and also fully use HD video streaming of live and recorded content during training sessions.

In addition, the new ICT platform also delivers a full range of additional Huawei technology including a video theatre for match analysis, fully connected security cameras, video-conferencing facilities for business and playing staff, a fully integrated phone and data-networking system as well as full IT and data storage systems.

During the enforced isolation period the Huawei Raiders Training Centre was connected to the National Broadband Network and the complex now enjoys ubiquitous high-speed broadband for administrative and playing staff.

It has been a huge honor for Huawei to deliver our technology to the Huawei Raiders Training Centre – this is a project we are extremely proud of.

Huawei would like to thank all of our partners, especially Kinetix Networks who played a crucial role, that have been involved in helping this happen and delivering an ICT platform to the Canberra Raiders that is unrivalled in Australian sport.

At Huawei our stated goal is creating technology that will help improve the lives of everybody through delivering better connectivity – and that’s exactly what we hope to achieve with our new ICT platform at the Huawei Raiders Training Centre.

Theodore Shao is Huawei Australia Head of Enterprise

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