Getting ready for a new era with the IdeaHub Pro

As the world returns to something approaching normal in the post-COVID era it remains to be seen what kind of working world waits for us – but it’s a pretty safe bet that things won’t be the same as before the pandemic.

The massive move to working from home has seen a huge surge in video-conferencing with applications like Zoom turning into the most used verb in the world with “Let’s Zoom” becoming a very familiar refrain.

However, it didn’t take long for people to realize that although running video-conferencing on a laptop or desktop computer – or even a smartphone – was better than an old-style audio-only conference call that it still left much to be desired.

One of the big frustrations for users was the one-way nature of the call with many users unhappy that they were required to sit for hours listening in to meetings and unable to really make meaningful contributions.

Of course, the kind of video-conferencing hardware that links up major corporate and government offices and offers a better quality experience is not only extremely expensive – well out of the price range of many smaller companies – but is also complicated and somewhat restricted from a technical perspective.

These video-conferencing platforms only allow their users to use the proprietary video software that they come with – leaving them unable to interact with more common video-conferencing software like Zoom or Teams.

Theodore Shao, Head of the Enterprise Business Group at Huawei Australia

Furthermore, using these higher-end systems typically require the usage of external microphones and speakers that not only means additional costs but also adds technical complexity with problems with external kit often significantly impacting the quality of the video call.

Huawei knows that the new way of working in the Smart Office of the future – where people need to be able to work at the office or at home – that new solutions are required and that is what the IdeaHub Pro has been designed to deliver.

Firstly, the IdeaHub Pro is bringing a solution into the market that is well within the financial reach of many more buyers with IdeaHub Pro unit available start from $9,999 each.

Indeed, rival products from the likes of Cisco and Microsoft are much more expensive compare to IdeaHub Pro – and yet the IdeaHub Pro offers technical quality more than on a par with those more expensive products.

Just as importantly the IdeaHub allows its users to use any of the major video-conferencing software platforms that they choose to use, supporting Zoom, Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams – meaning video-calls can be held with the widest possible audience.

We are also taking the pain out of the technical side of the video-call by building cameras, microphone and speakers into the IdeaHub itself in a single, fully integrated unit – meaning no more need for wires to be running right around the room connecting external speakers and microphones.

Huawei has also gone the extra mile to improve audio quality with our new “acoustic babble” software able to exclude all noise from outside the meeting area – meaning that video-conferencing meetings need no longer be impacted by external noise such as building works or road traffic.

However, Huawei understands that improving the video experience alone is not enough for the next generation of work – we also need to enable far better collaboration between users no matter where they are located.

That’s why the IdeaHub Pro features a collaboration whiteboard that offers incredibly low latency of just 35 milliseconds – that make writing on the board just the same as writing with a pen and paper – as well as enabling users to seamlessly project content in 4K quality via their computer, tablet or smartphone onto the whiteboard.

How we work in the future remains somewhat unclear as we move to the post-pandemic era but we know that there is huge need to take the video-conferencing market to the next level by enabling more users to enjoy top quality 4K video-conferencing and also allowing users to collaborate in real-time no matter where they are located.

Theodore Shao is Head of the Enterprise Business Group at Huawei Australia

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