Who is Huawei? Part 4 of 4: The Future Is Now

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Huawei has always held on to this ideal: “We are here to serve humanity, not just to earn money.”

This ideal is fueled by a passion to connect the unconnected, to change the lives of people with the help of technology because everyone deserves a fair chance in life. Huawei’s commitment to all of its customers is also unwavering. The team is dedicated to keep networks up and running when everything else seems to be falling apart. For a company that was founded in a small apartment in Shenzhen, China, in 1987, Huawei has now connected 3 billion people in over 170 countries around the world. Huawei will keep on innovating and improving to build a fully connected and intelligent future for all. Huawei’s story has only just begun. Watch the final episode of Who Is Huawei to learn more.

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