Whitepaper: Huawei smart transport smart security

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Written by Cyber Security Officer, Huawei Australia, Malcolm Shore.

Huawei is a leading provider of smart transport solutions and has invested many years of effort into developing its own framework for cybersecurity across its people, processes, and technology. The result of this is a set of products which are amongst the most secure in the industry, and services which incorporate robust controls for cybersecurity to ensure the protection of its customers’ networks and information. Huawei is committed to contributing to the improvement of cybersecurity across the transport industry through deep collaboration and participation in open forums such as standards making bodies. Huawei has established a number of open labs around the world to enable collaborative research and development.

This White Paper provides further open contribution by Huawei to the improvement of the cybersecurity and resilience of smart transport solutions.

Read the Huawei smart transport smart security whitepaper here.

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