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Supporting each other.
It's what friends do.

Tomorrow ACBC will launch a national campaign in The Australian newspaper to show our support for China during the global humanitarian crisis caused by the coronavirus. The campaign has been supported by business and government groups across Australia. 

“Australia and China have both experienced a tragic start to the new year. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of Australian and Chinese companies offering donations and support to both countries. It’s a great testimony to the strong bonds between our two countries.” said ACBC National CEO, Helen Sawczak. 

“In the immediate aftermath of the coronavirus, we have worked closely with our members and stakeholders by providing information and support, and we have also been guiding people how to donate towards relief efforts. But we also wanted to send a strong message of support to our Chinese friends, that we stand with them during this crisis – that’s what friends do.”

The campaign, designed by R-Co Brand, will be featured as a full page in The Australian on 28 February and will be projected at Australian landmarks such as Federation Square and Melbourne Airport and posted on Australian and Chinese social media platforms.

“The next step will be to restore business confidence when this crisis passes. The economic impact of the virus will be profound, but the strength of the Australia China relationship and our strong people to people ties will ensure that we can return to business as usual, quickly.” Ms Sawczak said.

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