UK’s Huawei green light sets path for world class 5G

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[Sydney, 29th January 2020] Huawei Australia warmly welcomes the decision by United Kingdom government, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to allow Huawei to continue supplying its world leading 5G technology to UK mobile network operators.

This decision means that – in line with the publicly expressed wishes of Prime Minister Johnson -the British people will get access the world’s leading 5G technology that will help spur the UK’s digital economy and foster greater innovation.

The UK Government has undertaken a properly considered and fully evidence-based approach in taking this decision that means UK network operators will continue to get access to Huawei’s 5G technology whilst still ensuring the delivery of safe and secure 5G networks in the UK.

In addition, allowing Huawei to continue delivering our 5G technology in the UK means that it will continue to benefit from maximum competition between technology vendors which will help to deliver better networks, superior technology and lower prices for consumers.

Allowing Huawei to deliver 5G in the UK will also be a big boost for the UK government in helping to reach its policy goal of delivering universal access to Gigabit broadband by 2025.

Jeremy Mitchell, Director of Corporate and Public Affairs, Huawei Australia:

“This decision by the UK Government proves beyond doubt that there is a way to manage security on 5G networks without excluding vendors simply for being from a certain country.

“It also demonstrates that the Turnbull Government was given incorrect advice that the Core and Radio networks cannot be separated on 5G – that is completely incorrect as the UK operators are now doing it in the real world.

“The UK Government have clearly put the interests of the UK and its own citizens first in taking this decision that we warmly welcome.

“This decision has ensured that UK consumers will get access to the best 5G technology available in the global market and get access to it at affordable prices.

“By comparison, here in Australia we will all be paying more for inferior 5G technology and millions will wait much longer to get 5G or miss out altogether – especially in rural and regional Australia.”

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