The Third Generation Partnership Project 5G breakfast workshop

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Huawei has sponsored the 3GPP 5G breakfast workshop hosted by AMTA and CommsDay.

On the 10th-14th of September, a Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) event was held in the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Huawei was honoured to sponsor the 3GPP 5G breakfast workshop hosted by AMTA and CommsDay, to hear and discuss with the global 5G experts about the specifications of global standards that will outline the cyber security protocols of 5G.

The workshop was welcomed with keynote speaker Anand R. Prasad. Anand is the chairman of 3GPP SA3 (mobile communications security standardisation group), a member of the governing body of Global ICT Standardisation Forum for India (GISFI), founder chairman of the Security & Privacy working group and a governing council member of Telecom Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI). He was chairman of the Green ICT working group of GISFI.

Anand explored 3GPP phase based 5G specification and how 5G systems enables a flexible architecture. He also discussed the several enhancements of 5G security, particularly when compared with 4G. This included the following:

  • Primary authentication
  • Secondary authentication
  • Home control
  • Inter-operator
  • Service based architecture
  • Key hierarchy
  • Privacy
  • CU-DU interface
  • Mobility

In addition, Anand discussed how there’s more to come with 5G phase 2, including:

  • Long-term key update
  • 256 bits keys usage
  • Security Assurance
  • KDF negotiation
  • Enh. of network slicing security
  • Location services security
  • Security for 5G URLLC
  • SECAM and SCAS for 3GPP virtualised network products
  • Security for Vertical and LAN Services

The workshop was followed with a panel discussion with key industry leaders such as Adrian Scrase, Frank Mademann, Valtteri Niemi, David Kennedy and Giovanni Romano.

Huawei was privileged to sponsor the breakfast workshop with the global 5G experts to discuss the global standards of cyber security and 5G.

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