The connected farm: A smart agriculture market assessment

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The report explores the potential for telecom operators to help farmers increase efficiency and productivity through smart agriculture, also identifying significant opportunities for telecom operators to provide end-to-end IoT services to contribute to the entire agriculture value chain.

Smart agriculture incorporates IoT-based advanced technologies and solutions to improve operational efficiency, maximise yield, and minimise wastage through real-time field data collection, data analysis, and deployment of control mechanism. Diverse IoT-based applications such as variable rate technology, precision farming, smart irrigation, and smart greenhouse will be instrumental to the enhancement of agricultural processes.

IoT can address agriculture-based issues and increase the quality and quantity of agricultural production, making farms more intelligent and more connected. The Connected Farm: A Smart Agriculture Market Assessment report delves into how IoT is expected to play a significant role in enhancing agricultural productivity to meet food demand.

Read the full report here to explore the drivers – from climate change to the need for water conservation – or the restraints (such as the requirement for high capital investment) that impact how IoT is applied in smart agriculture and the potential role telecoms will play.

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