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Q&A #3

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Q:How did you enjoy your trip to China?

Monique: I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it exceeded my expectations and I would recommend anyone interested in the trip to apply.


Q:What was the best moment of the trip for you?

Monique: Climbing the Great Wall of China was an incredible, awe inspiring experience that I will never forget (I love ancient history so it was hard for this to not be a highlight), however, aside from this the best part of the trip was the connections I formed with the other students who participated on the trip. I genuinely feel as though I made some friends for life and it was great to learn and collaborate with like-minded individuals.


Q:Was there anything that you found quite challenging about the trip?

Monique: Initially, I found the language barrier quite challenging. By the end of the first week of the trip I had mastered some basic Mandarin and was able to engage in basic conversations with locals and attempt to order tea! Let’s just say I was thankful we had a guide!


Q:Would you recommend SFTF to students in 2020?

Monique: I would recommend that you make an effort to immerse yourself in the culture and explore as much as possible, time flies by and the trip will be over before you know it.


Q:What did you learn on the trip that can help in your future career?

Monique: Learning about Huawei has helped me to have a better understanding about how a successful company is developed and run. Huawei can attribute some of its’ success to two key things: focusing on customers and focusing on supporting employees. I believe that this forms the foundation of a great company and am inspired by Huawei’s commitment to their work and their people.  I am hoping that I can draw upon these insights to develop my future career.


Q:What was it like to visit Huawei HQ in Shenzhen?

Monique: Huawei HQ in Shenzhen a great learning experience, however, I was in awe of the Huawei Oxhorn campus in Dongguan. I’m still pinching myself that I was able to experience this as access to the campus is by invite only!


Q:Would you be interested in returning to China in the future?

Monique: For sure – however I think I’ll need to work on my Mandarin! China is much larger than I could have imagined, I would love to go back and explore more.


Q:How has the trip to China changed you?

Monique: The trip has allowed me to gain a better understanding about the Chinese culture, and different cultures in general. I now have an appreciation for the differences and believe that by collaborating and working together we get the best of both worlds!



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