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Q&A #2

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Q: How did you enjoy your trip to China?

Kyle: It was a life-changing experience that I will forever carry with me and it enlightened me to not only the cultural aspect of the world but also the technological. For me, witnessing the future of technology being developed right in front of me is something I will never forget.


Q: What was the best moment of the trip for you?

Kyle: Experiencing the Huawei Executive Briefing centre (Beijing) would be the biggest. Seeing the latest in technology coupled with the power of a single company was just incredible. It’s like seeing what’s displayed in media and pieces of fiction just come to life in front of you. I feel like I became a part of a story and the great work the company does was fully realised at that point.


Q: What was the most surprising part of the trip for you?

Kyle: I most definitely was shocked at the pure size and quality of the research and development complex we visited on our final days of the trip. Just seeing the immensity of it and the work put into giving the employees within that additional comfort was incredible and inspiring. From riding the train around the complex to just looking up to the incredible architecture I felt completely in awe.


Q: Was there anything that you found quite challenging about the trip?

Kyle: I found navigation to be somewhat challenging, trying to get around alone or in a group was difficult as the language wasn’t our own. But this experience also instilled confidence as I found after successfully navigating Beijing and Shenzhen. It provided me with the confidence that if I can navigate a city such as this then I could do so anywhere.


Q: Would you recommend SFTF to students in 2020?

Kyle: I cannot recommend the program enough, it is life-changing and gives you a whole new outlook over the world as well as learning many interesting things about Chinese culture and 5G technology. Even if at face value this technology isn’t your biggest interest the education regarding Huawei itself can help and inspire you back home.


Q: What did you learn on the trip that can help in your future career?

Kyle: Huawei taught me that it’s important to invest in research and development which really comes down to trying and trying over again and never letting failure block your path. It means being persistent and achieving your goals. Hearing the many representatives of Huawei talk was inspiring and gave me a great deal of energy.


Q: What was it like to visit Huawei HQ in Shenzhen?

Kyle: The Huawei HQ was mind-boggling, seeing the sheer size of it and the fact my entire home town can fit within was insane, walking around the Campus and seeing the creature comforts offered to employees showed a great light in how employees should be treated and how doing so can benefit the business. The HQ was also full of incredible advancing technologies and people that just by talking could inspire and motivate you.


Q: Would you be interested in returning to China in the future?

Kyle: I can’t express enough how much I want to go back to China as well as continuing to learn the Chinese language. It’s a place of incredible opportunity, being in Shenzhen and visiting places like SegCom really reinforced that.


Q: How has the trip to China changed you?

Kyle: This trip has given me a sense of confidence I never had as well as a new sense of energy and motivation. I feel a certain passion for the world and technology, I want to take risks and follow the advice of those at Huawei to improve my own quality of life and those around me. I feel like I came home from China as a better person and I am thankful for the Seeds of the Future program for offering that.



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