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Q: How did you enjoy your trip to China?

Adam: This trip to China provided an amazing experience allowing a platform to explore the culture and rich history of China. Additionally, this trip allowed some insight into the global ICT community and provided training and education in the practical use and integration of a mobile network.


Q: What was the best moment of the trip for you?

Adam: Seeing the R&D facility in Guangdong, was an amazing and surreal experience. Both beautiful and practical, the trip to their facilities highlighted how large and how dedicated to research Huawei is.


Q: What was the most surprising part of the trip for you?

Adam: The most surprising part of the trip was that despite the differences in language, the people we met in China were amazingly kind, accommodating and incredibly understanding.


Q: Was there anything that you found quite challenging about the trip?

Adam: Knowing very little Mandarin prior to the trip, the first few days navigating through China did bring forward some challenges. However, despite being unable to communicate in our language, people were extremely accommodating and incredibly kind.


Q: Would you recommend SFTF to students in 2020?

Adam: SFTF was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone remotely interested in the ICT sector. This trip was well organised and provided much more than technical experience but an experience I will carry with me throughout my career.


Q: What did you learn on the trip that can help in your future career?

Adam: Understanding the infrastructure of a network and talking to people in the industry with firsthand knowledge on the technology in use, provided a rewarding and knowledgeable experience. This understanding will help me apply practically the knowledge I have learnt throughout my studies.


Q: What was it like to visit Huawei HQ in Shenzhen?

Adam: Visiting Huawei HQ in Shenzhen provided a rewarding and challenging experience. In addition to a great education course, this visit allowed us to see the faces and the driving force behind such a large and influential company.


Q: Would you be interested in returning to China in the future?

Adam: Having gained a small taste of what China had to offer I am excited to return and to explore more both professionally and personally.


Q: How has the trip to China changed you?

Adam: This trip to China has allowed me to look beyond my studies and towards my career as a future engineer in the ICT sector. Looking beyond what is offered domestically, it provided a broader insight into the industry and highlighted the core values of my chosen profession.



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