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  There are plenty of people out there wrongly claiming Huawei inserts ‘backdoors’ in our network kit – we obviously don’t. The reality is that most people making those claims don’t even know what a ‘backdoor’ is so, since we like to play fair and by the rules, we have made a nice little video […]

Huawei sets the record straight on Cyber-Security

It is extremely rare that Australians get an insight into the workings of our intelligence agencies but the extensive media interview granted by Simeon Gilding, formerly deputy head of the Australian Signals Directorate’s (ADS) signal intelligence and offensive cyber missions, offered a peek into the intelligence world. Like all governments around the world the Australian […]

Huawei Sues Verizon for Patent Infringement

Today, Huawei filed patent infringement lawsuits against Verizon in the United States District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Texas. The company is seeking compensation for Verizon’s use of patented technology that is protected by 12 of Huawei’s US patents.

Seeds For The Future
Q&A #3

    Q:How did you enjoy your trip to China? Monique: I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it exceeded my expectations and I would recommend anyone interested in the trip to apply.   Q:What was the best moment of the trip for you? Monique: Climbing the Great Wall of China was an incredible, awe inspiring experience that I will […]

Seeds For The Future
Q&A #1

  Q: How did you enjoy your trip to China? Adam: This trip to China provided an amazing experience allowing a platform to explore the culture and rich history of China. Additionally, this trip allowed some insight into the global ICT community and provided training and education in the practical use and integration of a […]