Huawei: Powering the global 5G Revolution

More & more countries welcome Huawei’s 5G  Media hysteria surrounding Huawei’s 5G technology belies the fact most countries in the world want open and dynamic telecommunications markets. They also want Huawei to supply its world leading 5G technology. While Australia has decided to isolate itself from Huawei’s 5G leading technology (while continuing to use Huawei’s […]


Huawei: 5G is Australia’s last chance for high-speed broadband

[Sydney, November 1st 2019] Huawei Australia has told the Inquiry into 5G in Australia led by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts that 5G is Australia’s last chance to deliver universal high-speed broadband to all Australians – adding that Australia is already being left far behind in the global race to deliver 5G […]

Huawei: Australia needs more 5G competition for Cyber Security

[Sydney, October 30th 2019] Huawei Australia Chief Technology and Cyber Security Officer David Soldani has warned the Australian Government that the consequences of decreased competition between 5G technology vendors in the Australian market will increase the potential Cyber Security threat to local networks. In the Huawei Australia submission to the Department of Home Affairs Australia’s […]