Seeds For The Future
Q&A #2

  Q: How did you enjoy your trip to China? Kyle: It was a life-changing experience that I will forever carry with me and it enlightened me to not only the cultural aspect of the world but also the technological. For me, witnessing the future of technology being developed right in front of me is […]

UK government report outlines Core/RAN split on 5G

The UK National Cyber Security Centre Technical Director Dr Ian Levy explains in this Blog how the UK will secure its future 5G network and makes the key point that there will continue to be a split  between the Core and Radio Access Networks in 5G.

UK 5G decision shows way forward to world class 5G

Huawei Australia’s Jeremy Mitchell spoke to Sky News Australia to explain how the UK government decision to allow Huawei to deliver our 5G technology to UK operators will allow British consumers to get access to Gigabit 5G at affordable prices – putting them streets ahead of Australians struggling on expensive low-speed broadband.

UK’s Huawei green light sets path for world class 5G

[Sydney, 29th January 2020] Huawei Australia warmly welcomes the decision by United Kingdom government, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to allow Huawei to continue supplying its world leading 5G technology to UK mobile network operators. This decision means that – in line with the publicly expressed wishes of Prime Minister Johnson -the British people […]

Ren Zhengfei talks to The Economist at Davos

Davos, Switzerland January 21, 2020 Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-in-Chief of The Economist: I think both I tried to find things you have in common and I think it is a love of history. One you’re obviously a professional historian. Mr. Ren, I would say that you perhaps are an excellent amateur historian. You have focused […]