Meet Our Seeds For The Future Stars #4

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Kyle Jackson is excited to learn how Chinese businesses differ from those in the western world on his upcoming trip to China

Kyle Jackson, a student from Federation University in Ballarat studying for a Bachelor of Information Technology, is the fourth and final of our Seeds For The Future Stars that we will be introducing this week before the group sets off for China tomorrow.

Kyle and twenty three fellow STEM students from local universities will be departing Australia for a three-week trip to China where they will learn some basic Mandarin in Beijing before heading down to Shenzhen to visit Huawei HQ.

“I really want to understand how business in China works so I can come back and compare it to how business in the western world works so I can get the best of both,” says Kyle.

“The Seeds For The Future program is an incredible opportunity to visit China and to understand how China does business and I can’t wait to get there.”

We wish Kyle and his fellow Seeds For The Future colleagues a safe journey to China and a successful and productive trip!

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