Meet Our Seeds For The Future Stars #2

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STEM student Flynn Magazowski is looking forward to learning about Chinese culture and Huawei's world-leading R&D facility on his upcoming trip to China

Flynn Magazowski, a student from RMIT in Melbourne studying for a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry/Nanotechnology, is the second of our four Seeds For The Future Stars that we will be introducing this week.

On Saturday Flynn and twenty three fellow STEM students from local universities will depart Australia for a three-week trip to China where they will learn some basic Mandarin in Beijing before heading down to Shenzhen to visit Huawei HQ.

In this short video Flynn talks about how excited he is to be visiting China and discovering Chinese culture as well as visiting Huawei’s world-leading R&D in Shenzhen to see how we turn our R&D into real world products that serve billions of people globally.

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