Media Statement on Malcolm Turnbull comments on Huawei 5G ban

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(Sydney, 23rd June 2020)

Huawei Australia would like to issue the following media statement from our Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Jeremy Mitchell.

“Huawei Australia is extremely disappointed in the comments made by Malcolm Turnbull in the Australian Financial Review this morning attempting to justify his government’s ban on Huawei delivering the world’s best 5G in Australia.

“It is completely inappropriate for Mr. Turnbull to claim – as reported in the AFR – that the recent cyber-attacks on Australia by a so far unnamed foreign country justify the 5G ban on Huawei in Australia.

“Huawei has a spotlessly clean record here in Australia on cyber-security in our sixteen years operating in this country working with network operators such as TPG, Vodafone and Optus and over 30 years globally across 170 countries

“Indeed, in his recently published memoir Mr. Turnbull admits that the 5G ban was not based on any actions Huawei had undertaken.


“That didn’t mean we thought Huawei was currently being used to interfere with our telecommunications networks.

“Our approach was a hedge against a future threat: not the identification of a smoking gun but a loaded one.”

“It is bad enough that Mr. Turnbull based his 5G ban on inaccurate technical advice on 5G network architecture but even worse that he now further maligns our name by reportedly associating us with cyber-attacks that have nothing to do with our company.

“When serving as Shadow Minister for Communications and later as Minister for Communications Mr. Turnbull was privately supportive of Huawei, especially our role in delivering technology to operators like Openreach in the UK and was also a welcome guest at our company HQ in Shenzhen.

“Under Mr. Turnbull’s tenure as Minister for Communications between 2013-2015 Huawei became the most successful 4G vendor in the Australian market, supplying well over half the Australian population with our technology and at no point did Mr. Turnbull raise any security concerns with us.”

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