Media Statement on German Government 5G regulations

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[Shenzhen, China, October 16, 2019]

We welcome the move the German Government has taken to create a level playing field for 5G network vendors. A fully competitive digital infrastructure market will drive industry digitalization and digital economic development in Germany, bringing more advanced and convenient information services and experiences to consumers.

Germany has set higher and consistent security standards for all vendors. Advanced declarations and process-based inspections will be adopted, and all vendors are equally and fairly welcome to participate in the construction of 5G networks if they fulfill the security requirements. This fact- and standards-based approach is of exemplary significance for addressing global cyber security challenges. Politicizing cyber security will only hinder technology development and social progress while doing nothing to address the security challenges all countries face. Huawei will continue to work openly with regulators, customers, and industry organizations to ensure that mobile networks are secure.

Over the past 30-plus years, we have served more than three billion people around the world, and we have maintained a strong track record in security throughout. We have worked with 45 of the world’s top 50 telecom companies for years. As a member of multiple global 5G standards organizations, Huawei has been deeply involved in 5G network security from the start, and has ensured cyber security is embedded in its network development and deployment practices.

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