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Let's Talk Raiders Podcast

With NRL Talent Scout Peter Mulholland

For Rugby League players & coaches, today’s guest needs no introduction. And even if you’ve never watched a game of NRL before, it only takes a minute for Peter’s personality to make it obvious why he is so memorable.

Peter Mulholland is a great man defined by more than his personality. Peter is a master scout for the NRL, a coach, and as he will happily tell you, a passionate teacher.

In this five part podcast series, Lisa Connors, Huawei Australia’s Manager for Corporate Responsibility, delves into the highs & lows of Peter’s long career, the importance sport plays in regional communities, staying connected, the future of the NRL after Covid-19, and his views on football players as role models.

Peter Mulholland has earned his place in NRL history as arguably the best talent scout in the business, a mentor to three generations of football players, and a beloved member of the Canberra Raiders family.

Watch Part 1 Here

In the introduction to our podcast series, Peter Mulholland talks about the highs & lows in his career as well as the community spirit within the Canberra Raiders.

Watch Part 2 Here

Continuing on with their discussion, Lisa Connors & Peter Mulholland debate which NRL player was the best he’s ever coached as well as his approach to finding players.

Watch Part 3 Here

Role Models is the main topic in this part of the podcast and Peter isn’t shy about giving his opinions on who should be worthy role models.

Watch Part 4 Here

Everyone is speculating on when competition sport will be able to safely resume, Peter shares his views on the proposed return date for the league.

Watch Part 5 Here

In the conclusion to our podcast series with Peter Mulholland, the conversation focuses on the importance of staying connected in a world living in self isolation. 

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