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Let's Talk Podcast - Network Security

Dr. David Soldani, Chief Technology Officer at Huawei Australia, talks with Jeremy Mitchell, Director of Corporate and Public Affairs, about Huawei’s public submission to the 2020 Cyber-Security strategy being developed by the Australian Government.

Cyber-Security is a global issue and there are five key points to consider:

1] Vendor diversification:  It is critical NOT to have reliance on a single vendor for an entire network – this is critical to ensure network resilience because if your entire network is supplied by a single vendor and there is security breach then you are exposed.

2] Competition: It is critical for vendors to compete against one another so that they actually have an incentive to deliver the best possible outcomes on Cyber-Security.

3] Transparency: The key on delivering the best Cyber-Security is to trust nobody – everything should be assessed before it goes onto the network.

4] Certification: All equipment must be tested and certified before it goes onto the network so that assurance can be delivered.

5] Compliance: There must be structures in place that enforce the rules that have been drawn up to make sure they are being delivered.

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