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“You’re not just getting our company, you’re getting a hundred and forty thousand staff as new Canberra Raider fans.” – These words spoken by Huawei’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Jeremy Mitchell to the Raiders board all the way back in 2012 was the idyllic vision that he saw for this partnership.


Huawei Staff will be cheering the Raiders on this season as they have done every season since 2012. It won’t just be Huawei Australia (Though we plan to be the loudest) cheering the Raiders on with every tackle and try. The Green Machine now reaches all over the world as predicted.

Across London to Shenzhen, Huawei staff will be standing with arms held out in anticipation of the next Viking clap on TV.

And from Switzerland to South Korea, the Huawei Raiders will be roaring with the crowd as the Raiders fans all over the world shout: LETS GO RAIDERS!

#GoTheRaiders I am a #HuaweiRaider

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