Huawei & TelSoc set to publish ‘Gigabit Gap’ NBN report

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(Sydney, June 26th 2020)

Huawei Australia and the Telecommunications Association (TelSoc) are proud to announce the upcoming launch of their joint discussion paper The Gigabit Gap to be published in association with leading global technology research company OMDIA (formerly known as Ovum) on Monday 29th June at 1100.

With some $51 billion spent on the National Broadband Network (NBN) – and tens of billions paid in migration payments to existing network operators – the NBN can still only offer around 30% of Australian homes and businesses access to world-class Gigabit access – with much of the remainder stranded on much lower speeds.

The Gigabit Gap report reveals how far Australia is behind our international competitors on Gigabit availability and also compares the cost of Gigabit services on the NBN are compared to Gigabit services in European, Asia Pacific and North American markets.

The Gigabit Gap will examine the options for the NBN now that it’s ten year construction is complete with the report to be launched via a webinar with TelSoc President Professor Reg Coutts – a member of the ‘Panel of Experts’ formed by the Rudd Government to examine broadband options for Australia.

The Webinar is open to all registering at the link on our website: The Gigabit Gap Virtual Talk

Jeremy Mitchell, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Huawei Australia:

“Huawei Australia is proud to partner to partner with such a distinguished association like TelSoc on this report.

“Whilst NBN Co is to be congratulated on reaching the end of the volume rollout it is clear there is still more work to be done before all Australians have access to world-class Gigabit broadband.

“Like TelSoc Huawei believes passionately in the transformational power of all Australians having access to world-class connectivity – we hope that this report will point the way forward to achieving that.”

Professor Reg Coutts, President of TelSoc:

“TelSoc is committed to fostering informed debate about NBN’s future and how we can leverage the best telecommunications technologies.

“This is the first in a series of joint activities with key industry players to provide their insights and recommendations to our members and the wider community.

“TelSoc welcomes technology from all over the world as long as it is safe and secure.”

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