Huawei submits 5G response to Federal Government

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Huawei submits 5G response to Federal Government

Huawei Australia has submitted its formal response to the House of Representatives Communications and the Arts Committee led by Chair Dr David Gillespie to its report released on May 20th “The Next Gen Future – Inquiry into the deployment, adoption and application of 5G in Australia.”

In our response we make the following points:

  • There is still no plan in place to deliver 5G coverage to rural and regional Australia
  • Lack of access to 5G means our agricultural sector will become less competitive internationally
  • The absence of competition in the vendor market will force up 5G deployments costs
  • Leading operators have already indicated that they will need Federal Government funding to deliver universal 5G
  • Unless the agricultural sector can be assured of 5G coverage then there is a clear barrier to investing in next-gen agri-tech
  • The committee should have delivered firmer recommendations on how to deliver universal 5G coverage

Huawei Australia very much looks forward to receiving a response from the Committee and to hopefully working together to take advantage of our global leadership in 5G to deliver the best possible outcome for Australians.

Link to full Huawei Australia response:

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