Huawei: Powering the global 5G Revolution

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Huawei continues leading the charge in providing reliable and secure 5G technology across the globe

More & more countries welcome Huawei’s 5G 

Media hysteria surrounding Huawei’s 5G technology belies the fact most countries in the world want open and dynamic telecommunications markets. They also want Huawei to supply its world leading 5G technology.

While Australia has decided to isolate itself from Huawei’s 5G leading technology (while continuing to use Huawei’s 3G and 4G technology) and keeps building digital walls, cutting Australia off from world leading 5G technology. Other countries are doing the opposite.  Most of the world continues to work with Huawei because it’s equipment is reliable, secure and affordable and in its 30year history has never done anything that would harm its customers.

The following list provides a summary of the counties that are rolling out or are planning to roll Huawei 5G equipment in their networks.


UK mobile operators ignore security fears over Huawei 5G. All four networks use Huawei

UK to allow Huawei restricted access to 5G network

Hungarian minister opens door to Huawei for 5G network rollout

No Huawei ban in Dutch 5G rollout: government

Germany will not bar Huawei from its 5G networks

Spain rolls out 5G network using Huawei gear despite US blacklisting Chinese tech giant

Belgian cybersecurity agency finds no threat from Huawei

Italy opts not to ban Huawei and ZTE from 5G networks

3.67Gbps, Sunrise Switzerland and Huawei Set Record in 5G Network Speed

Norway will not ban Huawei from 5G mobile network: minister

Altice, Huawei tie-up aims to make Portugal a European leader in 5G

Monaco rolls out Huawei-built 5G network in European first

As US, China fight trade war, Greece opens up to Huawei’s 5G ambitions

China’s Huawei signs deal to develop 5G network in Russia

Telenor rolled-out first 5G station in Serbia [with Huawei]

Türk Telekom and Huawei Set World Record for Single User 5G Speed

Slovakia has no evidence of Huawei security threat: Prime Minister

Bahrain to use Huawei in 5G rollout despite U.S. warnings

Viva Kuwait deploying ‘nationwide’ 5G this year with Huawei

Mobily, Huawei tie-up for bringing 5G to Saudi Arabia

UAE telecom du sees no evidence of ‘security holes’ in Huawei’s 5G technology-CTO

Huawei will launch Pakistan’s 5G network, claims Chaudhry

Huawei inks Nepal 4G agreement ahead of 5G expand

Huawei to open 5G in Bangladesh by 2023

Using Huawei for 5G in South Korea presents ‘little security risk’

Huawei officially lands role in Malaysia‘s 5G rollout

Thailand launches Huawei 5G test bed, even as U.S. urges allies to bar Chinese gear

Cambodia 5G set to leapfrog ASEAN rivals with Huawei and ZTE

Myanmar’s Mytel Uses Huawei Tech, Gear to Test First 5G Service

Philippines’ Globe Telecoms launches 5G service backed by Huawei equipment

Singapore keeps options open on Huawei, says any 5G vendor must meet security standards

Brazil will not bar Huawei from 5G network: vice president

Huawei rolls out 5G tests in Peru

Chile will not exclude Huawei from 5G network, vice-minister says

Huawei to Build 5G Network in Uruguay

President Maduro: Huawei Will Continue to Operate in Venezuela

Latin America resists US pressure to exclude Huawei

Rain and Huawei roll out high-speed 5G in South Africa

Huawei to launch 5G in Egypt during the African Cup Of Nations

Kenya will not block Huawei roll out of 5G network: government official

The African Union is doubling down on deepening its relationship with Huawei to boost 5G, AI

China’s state telecoms to launch 5G services on Friday

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