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There has been recent media in Sydney Morning Herald & The Age (and tech publications as well) concerning a letter Huawei sent to some companies that support the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI). The impression given in the Fairfax media was that Huawei was trying to “Heap Pressure” on them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We did write to several companies that are supporters of ASPI and who are also partners of Huawei. As these companies have a business relationship with Huawei we wanted to ensure that they had access to the facts about our company and also understand our disappointment with the actions of ASPI. Given that some vested interests are trying to turn this understandable action and paint it as something sinister, we feel it’s important that you are afforded the full facts and make your own judgments. Below is the full letter sent to several companies that have a relationship with Huawei & ASPI.




Dear fellow Corporate Affairs professional,


As you would be aware, over recent months there has been a lot of media coverage of Huawei. You would have also noticed in most of the media reports there has been negative comments about Huawei from an Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) spokesperson.


As your company is a major contributor to ASPI but also a partner of Huawei, I wanted to write to you to ensure you have the opportunity to receive a more balanced and fact-based information.


We have been extremely disappointed in the way ASPI has conducted itself when it comes to Huawei. We understand and agree the issue of cyber security is a vital policy matter. In fact, Huawei has been a global leader in openly discussing and offering solutions to the policy challenges governments and the technology industry faces to secure network data and equipment. No other vendor offers itself to high level independent audits, software assessments and product verification in the way Huawei does.


As a China-based supplier we understand the bar is set higher for us in many markets, that’s why Huawei goes the extra mile to provide your customers with the highest levels of security.


ASPI seems to have an unhealthy fixation on our company that has crossed the threshold of independent fact-based thinking to become the “go to” organization for all things anti-China.


Huawei is a private company with a 30-year unblemished cyber security track record and has delivered safe and secure technology to Australians for 15 years (Huawei is the largest provider of wireless technology in Australia).


Huawei has offered ASPI the opportunity to visit our Shenzhen HQ to see firsthand the global operations, our manufacturing processes and meet with our security team to discuss openly and transparently these highly important issues. Unfortunately ASPI continues to refuse to engage.


We know your company has vigorous due diligence processes and you understand our company well. We also know your brand is associated with ours and this sort of one-sided reporting may also reflect on your company. As a partner of Huawei, I wanted to offer to you and your senior management the opportunity to receive any fact-based briefings or information you may need. It is vital these important policy areas are addressed sensibly and carefully.


Cyber security policy is an important area for our economy and strategic future, it should be openly discussed and debated. The discussion needs to be fact based and driven by open and transparent reasoning. We feel ASPI has let both our companies down by their fixation on painting Huawei as the enemy without any evidence to back it up.


Again we would welcome the opportunity to discuss these matters with you in further detail if you wish. Below is a link with detailed information you might find of interest.




Kind regards,

Jeremy Mitchell

Director of Corporate & Public Affairs

Huawei Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd

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