Huawei highlights its global leadership in second ad

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Huawei has once again taken out full page ad in The Australian and the Australian Financial Review to highlight its global partnerships with the top relcos across the world.

With a headline that reads “Huawei, already used by 45 of the world’s top 50 telecom companies” the ad goes on to say that Huawei is the world’s number one supplier of phone and internet network equipment.

The ad states that Huawei partners with UK’s Vodafone and BT, Canada’s Telus, New Zealand’s Spark, and Telefonica and Deutsche Telecom across Europe. It says that these companies trust Huawei’s safe, secure and reliable technology to connect their customers.

The ad also highlights that research and development is at the heart of Huawei’s success. Almost half of Huawei’s workforce is allocated to R&D and over the past decade have invested more than $75Billion developing the IT products of the future.

The ad goes on to say that Huawei shipped 150 million smartphones in 2017, making it the third largest smartphone supplier in the world behind Samsung and Apple. It emphasises Huawei is now ranked 83 in the Fortune 500 top global companies.

The ad concludes by highlighting that with Huawei’s global experience, Huawei can deliver to Australia the latest and the best innovation and technology for consumers.


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