Huawei highlights Australian contribution in national ads

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"One in every two Australians depend on Huawei for their communications needs."

Huawei has taken out a full page ad in the Australian Financial Review and The Australian to highlight 15 years of safe and secure service to the Australian telecommunications industry.


This is the first of several ads Huawei will run over the next couple of weeks to highlight the company’s credentials as a leading telecom vendor in Australia and across the globe.


The ad’s headline says “One in every two Australians depend on Huawei for their communications needs.”


The ad states that Huawei connects millions of homes and businesses everyday, with more than half the Australian population relying on Huawei for their daily communications needs.


It highlights Huawei’s 15 years of service delivering technology in Australia safely, securely and reliably. The ad emphasises Huawei is the largest equipment supplier of mobile phone networks in Australia suppling Optus, Vodafone and TPG and employs more than 700 people across Australia.


The ad goes on to say Huawei’s participation in the Australian telecommunication sector has driven incredible improvements in service and reliability for Australian consumers, helping to create a dynamic and competitive industry. Huawei’s leading role in delivering cheaper prices for consumers and giving consumers better access to the latest technology and innovation is mentioned.


The ad concludes by highlighting Huawei was the first to deliver 4G in Australia and places innovation at the core of everything it does.


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