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The latest ad published across Australia's mastheads.

Huawei has today extended its national advertising campaign to go beyond just the Australian Financial Review & The Australian, to also include The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, Courier Mail, Western Australian.

Today’s ad highlights Huawei’s contribution to Australia since launching here almost 15 years ago. The ad highlights that Huawei has grown every year and now stands as the nation’s largest provider of wireless technology and that one in every two Australians rely on Huawei for their daily communication needs.

It goes on to say “Our telecommunications equipment connects millions of Australian businesses and consumers every day on the Vodafone, Optus and TPG mobile networks. The inclusion of Huawei’s world-leading technologies has played an important role in creating the dynamic and competitive telecommunications industry Australia enjoys today. Increased competition not only means cheaper prices but most importantly better access to the latest technologies and innovation.”

The ad also focuses on the issue of 5G as says “As focus turns to investment in the next generation of telecommunications technologies in Australia, cybersecurity is a key consideration. We firmly believe two-way communication and learnings create a better and safer ICT landscape for everyone, most importantly for the Australian community. Huawei’s commitment to safe and reliable infrastructure creates a competitive and secure telecom industry for Australia, and the world.”


Huawei’s Director of Corporate Affairs Jeremy Mitchell said the ads were designed to build awareness of the company’s history and contribution to Australia. “Huawei plays a significant role in Australia’s telecommunication industry, we have done so safely and reliably for nearly 15 years. We were the first to deliver 4G to Australia and we have helped create a competitive industry which means cheaper prices and better services for Australian consumers.”

“Huawei is a world leader in 5G technology and we want Australia to benefit from this. We also understand the importance of having safe and secure networks, that is why we are trusted in 170 countries across the world and have become the #1 telecom infrastructure provider globally, we achieved this success because people trust us and our products.” Mr Mitchell said.


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