Huawei announces nationwide ‘Let’s Talk Huawei’ public forums

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(Sydney, February 18th 2020) Huawei Australia has announced it will embark on a series of nationwide ‘Let’s Talk Huawei’ public forums in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra in mid-March as it seeks to let ordinary Australians make up their own minds about the company.

The ‘Let’s Talk Huawei’ series will adopt a ‘Town Hall’ format in which our representatives will deliver short presentations on the company and then open the floor to invited guests and members of the public to ask whatever questions they want answered about our company – all on the record.

The first round of events will feature Andy Purdy, Huawei USA Chief Security Officer – and former Cyber Security Adviser to President George W. Bush – as well as Huawei Australia Director of Corporate and Public Affairs Jeremy Mitchell.

The events will also include speakers who work with the company including Nick Xenophon from law firm Xenophon-Davis. In addition representatives from some of the charities and community groups that Huawei works with will also be appearing.

After staging the initial four ‘Let’s Talk Huawei’ events in capital cities Huawei Australia plans to expand the forum into regional cities – many of which are very poorly served by broadband – to give regional Aussies the chance to find out for themselves the truth about the company.

To accompany the ‘Let’s Talk Huawei’ events Huawei Australia will also be publishing a series of podcasts on the Huawei Hub website in which our executives will discuss a range of issues relating to the company.

Huawei Australia will also be using its ongoing major sponsorship of the Canberra Raiders NRL team to help publicize the ‘Let’s Talk Huawei’ theme to encourage greater understanding of our company in the country.

Jeremy Mitchell, Director of Corporate and Public Affairs at Huawei Australia said:

“When most companies stage these kinds of events they are normally asking for something but we are most certainly not asking for anything from the Australian public other than a fair go – that’s all we have ever wanted.

“Huawei Australia has a spotless record in Australia, we have employed thousands of people both directly and indirectly and pumped several billion dollars into the Australian economy – yet we are being portrayed as untrustworthy and that’s simply not fair.

“Through no fault of our own our company has been caught right in the middle of the US-China trade war and we have seen our name dragged through the mud here.

“We want to have a conversation about who we are, what we do and answer any questions people may have about our company. We are proud of our 30 year history and are happy to talk openly about the important issues like cyber security but we want that discussion to be based on facts.”

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