How 5G helped Wuhan beat Coronavirus

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Meeting the huge challenge of Coronavirus is not easy – but technology can play a crucial role in helping us to get there.

At the height of the outbreak in Wuhan Huawei helped set up #5G coverage at the extraordinary Huoshenshan Hospital which was built in just a matter of days to cope with the thousands of patients suffering from the virus.

Huawei set up the 5G network delivering connectivity right across the hospital – including connecting critical medical equipment to the Internet – in just three days.

Ultra-fast 5G connectivity allowed doctors working at the hospital to conduct HD video-conferencing with their colleagues across China to collaborate on navigating their way through the crisis.

This minimized the number of doctors needed on-site at Huoshenshan Hospital, thereby freeing them up to treat patients elsewhere, and also allowed medical professionals to share critical information as fast as possible.

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