Cyber security: Innovation and cooperation

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In today's digital world, new technology is driving the digital evolution. New technology is making our lives better and our work more efficient but inevitably brings brand new security challenges. Huawei is addressing these challenges head on, seeking innovative solutions and gradually building up codes of practice for organisations.

The digital evolution is bringing new security challenges. Emerging technologies like big data and artificial intelligence (AI) will turn scenes from science fiction into reality with the introduction of machine learning, machine vision, diagnostic assistants, etc. The potential value of big data and AI will finally begin to be realized, bringing benefits for all of humanity. From a business perspective, the use of cloud technology will also become much more widespread as 85 per cent of applications will migrate to the cloud.

However, there are two sides to every coin. Mobile networks and sensors will make for a much more densely connected world; but the attack surface of our ICT systems will grow exponentially. AI and big data will enable deep data mining; but the risk of data leaks will also soar. Cloud will enable the sharing of resources and open up closed systems; but that means traditional, defendable boundaries will also become blurred.

To adequately challenge issues with cyber security, security built into the innovation process. Huawei recommends the following steps for businesses to address these challenges.

Security as a pillar of corporate governance
One of the principles underlying Huawei’s cyber security framework is a commitment to putting cyber security ahead of profits, every time. In 2010, the company established a Global Cyber Security Committee, with oversight of all Huawei operations. this high-level engagement helps to ensure that cyber security is integrated into the company’s strategy, governance, and operations from the start. It makes cyber security a part of Huawei’s DNA.

Active research into new technology
Huawei is an active player in producing cutting edge of security research, looking at ways to incorporate new technologies like blockchains and quantum cryptography into our products and services, so that we can protect the integrity of distributed systems, and better encrypt our transmission and storage. We are also seeing increased investment in cyber security by many other companies, and this is driving the emergence of new security techniques, including big data and AI.

Security as part of a company’s culture
Security ultimately comes down to people. Awareness of cyber security is not just an issue for technology operations. It should be an important consideration in hiring, training, incentives, and performance management. Huawei operates in over 170 countries and regions, and regularly delivers education and training on cyber security to its 180,000 employees. All Huawei employees must pass a cyber security examination, and must sign Huawei’s Business Conduct Guidelines, which include a section on cyber security. Cyber security is a key competency in Huawei’s internal skills assessment system, and is a mandatory competency for many positions. The company has developed comprehensive cyber security training programs to meet its employees’ training needs.

Building user awareness
To protect technology users and the public, every company and citizen needs a greater awareness of cyber security, data ownership, and privacy. Major countries around the world have made public education on cyber security a key part of their national data protection and privacy strategies. Governments hope to raise general levels of knowledge and skills to help control cyber crime and threats to cyber security. By giving young people the awareness and skills they need to protect themselves, these countries are taking a vital step toward protecting their citizens’ interests, reducing cybercrime, and stopping cyber threats.

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