Building a trusted and managed IoT world

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The Internet of Things (IoT) connects a huge numbers of devices and offers diverse services, making networks more open and complex. While the IoT ushers us in a new world with everything perceptible, connected, and intelligent, major security challenges are emerging.

The Building a Trusted and Managed IoT World report analyses the development of IoT security technologies, proposes the employment of multilayered end-to-end security mechanisms to safeguard the IoT, and summarises IoT security practices.

IoT technologies are developing apace. However, they are vulnerable to new security issues and threats. The security of the IoT can be ensured only if the industry chain works together as a whole. Therefore, Huawei proposes that all governments, international organizations, and industries join hands to build IoT security and work harder in guiding policies, enacting laws and regulations, setting standards, innovating new technologies, and building industry ecosystems.

Read the full report here.

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