A Statement on the Hon Tim Wilson MP

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A Statement on the Hon Tim Wilson MP:

In his letter to the Australian Financial Review published on 27th July the Hon. Tim Wilson MP once again incorrectly alleged that Huawei is the “Chinese Communist Party’s telecommunications arm.”

If the Hon Mr. Wilson is so sure that Huawei is a Communist Party front – we are NOT and are 100% owned by our staff – then we are happy to receive his reimbursement of the $20,000 cost of his August 2012 trip to Huawei HQ in Shenzhen.

Given the Hon. Mr Wilson’s strong views on the Chinese Communist Party we would not want Mr Wilson to feel he has been compromised in any way by accepting our hospitality – even though he hasn’t been.  

We would donate any such payment received from the Hon. Mr Wilson to one of our many charity partners.

Kind Regards

The Huawei Australia Corporate Affairs Team

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